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Mayfair Mahogany

Picture of Mayfair Mahogany
A hard wearing smoked oak with a deep mahogany stain and soft satin sheen brings a sense of warmth and richness to the wood. A very rich floor with a textured grain.

From £38.67


Picture of Vintage
Deeply Smoked French Oak and tinted to a deep chocolate tone, with a soft sheen finish this floor is sleek sophistication and will work very well with all types of furniture.

From £38.67


Picture of Chantilli
A deeply smoked oak finish with an Old English mahogany tint and a soft sheen give this floor a very rich in tone. A grounded timeless choice.

From £38.67

Mocha Ash

Picture of Mocha Ash
Canadian ash heated at very high temperatures, to fire the grain to this deep chocolate color. Throughout this floor you will have soft reddish hues, with a distinctive swirling grain. This floor gives an overall classic uniform feel.

From £73.20

Amercian Prime Black Walnut

Picture of Amercian Prime Black Walnut
The dark and brown to deep purples tones exudes grandeur and provides a classic look. Walnut is delicately grained and gives a very rich quality appearance. Walnut will fade with direct sunlight and so quite often we will tent the walnut to stop this

From £53.32


Picture of Cathedral
Very Darkly Smoked French country oak textured and tinted to give an even col our distribution. A warm earthy toned floor with real strength.

From £41.81


Picture of Cognac
Cognac oak is made from American Country Oak, this floor can be made from American Prime oak for a more a delicate grain. The soft sheen finish really brings out a richness in this warm mid toned floor. It is a very Versatile color.

From £38.67


Picture of Cherry
Classic and warm cherry wood has a real feels silky smooth to touch and this subtly announces its individuality. A very finely marked wood and the tone of cherry when freshly milled is considerably lighter to when is ages.

From £53.32


Picture of Jatoba
This is Brazilian Cherry, a very hard and durable floor and is best finished in a soft sheen for an elegant classic look and can give a very Mediterranean feel when finished in an oil. A beautiful rich dark floor with a blaze of burnt amber and russet.

From £41.81

Pitch Pine

Picture of Pitch Pine
Prized throughout the world for its distinctive fine grain. This floor has warm reddish tones and gives a rustic charm.

From £29.25
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