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Fuga Fresca

Picture of Fuga Fresca

From £7.27

Easy to use grout refresher to rejuvenate the colour of cementitious grouted joints in floors and walls.


Picture of Keranet

From £5.77

Acid- based cleaner for ceramic tiling. Particularly suitable for removing efflorescence and for the final cleaning of terracotta.


Picture of Keraseal

From £14.70

Transparent protective sealer for porous tiles. Treats terracotta to reduce porosity to make it suitable to receive final wax.

Mapenet 150

Picture of Mapenet 150


Alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh for reinforcing waterproof, anti-fracture membranes and insulation coatings.

Mapeproof Swell

Picture of Mapeproof Swell


Single component moisture expanding, rubber based hydrophilic sealant. Provides a watertight joint around pipework.

Mapesilent Band R

Picture of Mapesilent Band R

From £364.00

Closed-cell, expanded polyethylene self-adhesives membrane in roll form, applied to perimeter walls and around the edges of items which pass through screeds

Mapesilent Door

Picture of Mapesilent Door


U-Shaped, closed-cell, expanded polyethylene self-adhesive membrane applied around opening in perimeter walls to avoid the formation of acoutic bridges.

Mapesilent Panel

Picture of Mapesilent Panel


Soundproofing system for floating screeds. Composed of bitumen and a special elastoplastomeric plymer. Applied beneath the screed.

Mapesilent Roll

Picture of Mapesilent Roll


Sheet form soundproofing system for use beneath floating screeds.

Mapesilent Tape

Picture of Mapesilent Tape


Adhesive sealing tape made from closed cell expanded polyethylene, used to seal overlaps between adjacent sections of Mapesilent Band R.
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