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Idrosilex Liquid

Picture of Idrosilex Liquid

From £13.77

Waterproofer for cementitious mortars.

Idrosilex Pronto

Picture of Idrosilex Pronto


Cementitious mortar for waterproofing underground masonry.


Picture of Idrostop

From £637.90

Hydrophilic waterbar expandable rubber section for watertight construction joints.

Idrostop Mastic

Picture of Idrostop Mastic

From £27.64

Once component adhesive for the installation of IDROSTOP Ready to use, solvent- free, MS polymer based adhesive.


Picture of Lamposilex


Ultra fast setting and drying hydraulic binder for plugging water leaks.

Mapeband / Mapeband PE 120

Picture of Mapeband / Mapeband PE 120

From £6.27

Alkali resistant rubber tape with textile backing / edges. For use with cementitious waterproofing systems and liquid membranes.

Mapeband TPE

Picture of Mapeband TPE

From £406.41

TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing expansion joints and cracks subject to movements up to 5 to 10mm. Use MAPEBAND TPE 170 or MAPEBAND TPE 325 respectively- use with ADESILEX PG4.

Mapegum WPS

Picture of Mapegum WPS

From £0.00

Fast drying flexible liquid tanking membrane for the interior waterproofing of bathroom and shower walls and floors before installing ceramic tiles and natural stone.


Picture of Mapelastic

From £68.87

Two-component, highly flexible, cementitious mortar for waterproofing protection of concrete, swimming pools, and balconies. Provides a highly flexible waterproof coating for concrete sturctures particularly those subject to cracking.

Mapelastic AquaDefence

Picture of Mapelastic AquaDefence


Ready to use, flexible, ultra rapid drying waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior use in showers, wet rooms and on balconies.
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