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Mapecoat i 600 W Kit (A+B) 5.9kg

Picture of Mapecoat i 600 W Kit (A+B) 5.9kg
Two-component transparent epoxy primer in water dispersion. Mapecoat I 600 W is used to encourage bonding on absorbent and porous cementitious substrates before applying Mapefloor I 500 W (Mapefloor System 53).

From £50.30

Mapecoat I 620 W

Picture of Mapecoat I 620 W
Two-component, water-based epoxy coating for concrete floors and cementitious substrates and as a finishing compound for epoxy systems, to provide an anti-dust and oil resistant finishing treatment with shiny effect.

From £100.16

Mapecolor Paste

Picture of Mapecolor Paste
A system for colouring Mapefloor products.

From £27.54

Mapefer 1K

Picture of Mapefer 1K
One-component corrosion-inhibiting cementitious mortar for the protection of reinforcing rods.


Mapefill GP

Picture of Mapefill GP
High flow, shrinkage free grout for anchoring. Mapefill GP is used to anchor machinery, bolts, pre-cast metallic structures, turbines, machine tools etc into concrete.


Mapeflex PU45

Picture of Mapeflex PU45
Multi-purpose adhesive and sealant. Produces a flexible strong bond. Ideal for heavy duty movement joints and general sealing. Can be used on all tile types including natural stone.

From £9.20

Mapefloor CPU/HD

Picture of Mapefloor CPU/HD
Theee-component, self levelling polyurethane-cement mortar with high resistance to chemicals sfor industrial floors.

From £32.47

Mapefloor CPU/MF

Picture of Mapefloor CPU/MF
Three-component,self-levelling polyurethane-cement mortar with high resistance to chemicals for industrial floors, applied in thickness between 3 to 4mm.

From £26.36

Mapefloor Filler 0.3kg

Picture of Mapefloor Filler 0.3kg
Super-fine powder charges added to obtain a non-slip finish.


Mapefloor Finish 50

Picture of Mapefloor Finish 50
Two-component, aliphatic, transparent, moisture curing, polyurethane finish.

From £7.84

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