Picture of Insulation Boards (WIP)

Insulation Boards (WIP)

Warmup in floor insulation boards are water resistant insulated tile backer boards made of extruded polystyrene, faced on both sides with a fibreglass mesh embedded into a thin cement polymer mortar.
  • These can be used as a structural tile backer board in the floor. They will withstand a load of 5,735 lbs per square foot and are ideal for use with underfloor heating as they push the heat into the room, by not allowing heat to penetrate down into the concrete substrate below. As wall tile backer boards, tiles can be fixed directly on to the surface without prior preparation and, being totally waterproof, are ideal for use in bathrooms or showers.
  • Warmup Insulation Boards will save you money when used in conjunction with underfloor heating by acting as a very efficient thermal barrier. They reflects the heat upwards into the floor tile instead of allowing heat to warm up the concrete slab below. By using Warmup Insulation Boards you will find that after switching on your heating, your floor tiles will warm up in about 10-15 minutes. Without insulation boards it could take anything from 2-3 hours, or more.
Features and Benefits
  • Warmup Insulation Board (WIB) is made of waterproofextruded polystyrene and has a fiberglass mesh embeddedon each face, into a cement polymer adhesive.
  • The boards are unaffected by the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Easy to cut with a knife, it installs to any surface and isready for thinset and tiles.
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