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Arcadia Tiles

Tiles are available in following sizes: 600x600x10 mm
GOSS Marble now features a new range of finishes under the name of GOSS Velvet. With its new velvet-like finish and natural appearance, GOSS Marble offers quartz elegance for interior surfaces...

Having reshaped the gift of nature -the quartz mineral -with the cutting-edge technology of our times, GOSS Marble meets the changing countertop expectations in kitchen and bath designs with slab dimension of 305x140 cm...

Do you want a harmony between your kitchen countertop and flooring? Then GOSS Marble is your brand. Because you don’t use GOSS Marble merely as a countertop, but also as a surfacing material of interior and exterior cladding, staircase tiling, windowsills, skirting and flooring. The rest lies in your creative power: GOSS Marble offers a variety of colour and texture alternatives that make you create the unique design of your own kitchen and bathroom...  

GOSS Marble is also successfully applied in decorative designs such as tables and tripots.

Specific Gravity ASTM C97 2,45 gr/cm3
Mohs Hardness BS 6431 6-7 Mohs
Impact Resistance
15-25cm for 1,2cm products

TS EN 14617-9 35-60cm for 2cm products

80-175cm for 3cm products
Flexural Strength TS EN 14617-2 40-70 N/mm2

ASTM C880 6031 psi
Abrasion Resistance TS EN 14617-4 140-175mm3
Water Absorption TS EN 14617-1 0,10%

BS 6431-11 0,10%
Flame Spread ASTM E-84 Class A
Chemical Resistance ASTM D2299 Only strong acids and bases may affect.

BS 6431-18
Resistance to Freeze and ASTM C1026 No change
Thaw Cycling

Modulus of Rupture BS 6431-12 52,4 N/mm2
Thermal Shock Resistance ASTM C484 No visible defects
Wheathering ASTM G23 No visible changes after 100 hours

* Test results may vary according to product properties.

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600x600x10 - Box (1.8m2)

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